New Jersey Moving Tips

Items that should be handled by the customer include:

  1. You should plan on transporting all valuables such as money, jewelry, and important papers
  2. You must dispose of or transport yourself all items that are flammable, explosive or corrosive.
  3. Any items located in an attic with a pull down stair case must be brought down for packing or loading.
  4. Refrigerators or freezers should be emptied and defrosted prior to load day.
  5. Trash cans and barbeque grills must be free of debris and washed out prior to load day.

Moving Tips

Non-Transportable Items

Combustible Liquids - Rubbing Alcohol, Antifreeze Compounds, Disinfectants, Any Type of Combustible Cleaning Material

Explosives - Black Powder, Primers, Dynamite, Plastic or Similar Explosives, Fireworks, Ammunition (any kind)

Gasses, Compressed - Engine Starter Fluids, Gases Used in Welding, Scuba Diving Tanks (purged and tagged), Propane Tanks (any kind even if purged), Fire Extinguishers

Corrosive Liquids - Acids, Rust Preventatives, Bleach, Household Batteries, Automobile Batteries (not part of auto), Darkroom & Pool Chemicals

Flammables - Adhesives (glue, cements), Aerosol Cans, Ammonia & Cleaning Fluids, Weed Killers (pesticides in general), Gasoline/Diesel, Fuel/Motor Oil, Kerosene, Hand Signal Flares, Lighter Fluids/Charcoal/Sterno, Matches, Oil-based Paint Removers, Stain, Lacquer, Varnish, Paint Thinners, Liquid Polishes

House Plants - Any Kind

Food - Fresh and Frozen, Signs of Insect Infestation, Liquids, Food Not in Sealed Containers

Candles - May melt

If your goods are going into storage it is recommended that all food items even dried or canned be considered perishable.

** Please note that we request you place all items that we are not moving in a secure area away from the goods we will be transporting.

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