Not all moves are created equal. Sure, many people will have cardboard boxes filled to the brim with their belongings, along with furniture of varying size and possibly some appliances for good measure. But what about those items that are one-of-a-kind? There are plenty of oddly shaped, incredibly heavy, or just very intricate items that you may need to move from one place to another but aren’t sure how. That’s where we come in.

We’ve seen it all. From the tiny to the huge, from living things to antiques. We have worked with some very unique items and are ready to help you with yours. Rest assured that we have the background, knowledge and tools needed to safely and securely move your specialized items.

Large items are what many people worry about. After all, most family cars or trucks won’t be able to handle the incredibly heavy and large items such as pianos, boats or even hot tubs. We have moved whole families not only across the country but internationally as well. That usually means a family car or two needs to be moved, as well! We have the know-how and the skill to safely help move these specialized items.

Items like pianos, swing sets or hot tubs may need to be packed in a very particular way, or even taken apart in one place or another. We can advise on this through our extensive consultation. Appliances such as hot tubs, washers and dryers and even sound equipment have many different components to consider when preparing them for a move. We can suggest the best course of action for these items so that you don’t have to worry.

Some items need extra safety precautions. You may be in charge of moving a gun safe which needs to be kept locked at all times and in safe hands. Or perhaps you have antiques that cannot be damaged and need to be wrapped and cushioned from every angle. We have the know-how to ensure these precious items are all moved with the utmost safety and security.

The move that you might be worried about the most is the moving of your family pet. This is a very important move as they are a living part of the family and are irreplaceable. When moving, especially internationally, there are so many things to consider. We help you cover all the bases so you don’t have to fret about the safety of your pet.

From large sound systems and band equipment to previous antiques, we ensure your belongings are respected and taken care of from start to finish. Even if you have a moving timeline that leaves a gap between moves, we have a storage solution for you. Let us work with your specialized items needs.

Inquire with us to learn how we can move the tiniest member of the family as well as any special household items that just won’t fit in your car or truck. We specialize in special so we can take care of your moving needs.

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